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 My vision is for women who identify as a tomboy to embrace and feel confident in who they are. The Pretty Tomboy movement is currently in its infancy but my ultimate goal is for the word "tomboy" to be seen as something positive and to be celebrated. My idea was to design t-shirts that will become a means for women to show pride in identifying as tomboys. In doing so, the world will see the various faces, races, ages, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background of tomboys everywhere.


So, it begins with the t-shirt. In the future, I want to provide a forum for pretty tomboys to come to interact with each other, to share ideas, to find support, to find mentors, to network, and a host of other resources and information.

 You can help by telling people about my website and sharing my vision with others. You can also help by offering your input into what types of things you'd like to see if you or someone you love identifies as a tomboy.


Remember, the movement begins with the t-shirt.   Sign Up below and stay connected!





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Remember, the movement begins with the t-shirt. We would like to keep you informed with Pretty Tomboy Nation's new products,information and upcoming Newsletter.  




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