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The Pretty Tomboy Story

Boyish, unfeminine, aggressive … these were the words I heard growing up. As early as elementary school, I knew the thoughts that I had and the things I wanted to do were very different from other little girls. When most girls my age wanted to play with dolls, jump rope or play house, I wanted to hang out with the boys, play street sports and climb trees. I absolutely hated wearing dresses and when my mother and sister would begin cooking, I made a beeline outside. I’d much rather do the dishes than cook any day.

Unfortunately, that type of behavior from a little girl was not encouraged. As a matter of fact, having those types of attributes seemed to cause me trouble. I was constantly told that I was too “boyish” and that I needed to act more “lady-like.” Being called a tomboy took on a very negative connotation … as if there was something wrong with a girl wanting to do the things that boys did.

Throughout the years, being a tomboy has been associated with sexual orientation, styles of dress, athleticism, dominance in the workplace, and other societal misnomers. But being a tomboy is not about those things … it’s an attitude and a way of life that should be celebrated!

My experience growing up as a tomboy was the inspiration for the birth of Pretty Tomboy Nation. My mission is to redefine the negative stigma associated with being a tomboy by designing t-shirts and apparel that express the powerful, strong, confident, determined, focused, driven, revolutionary, bold qualities that accurately describe the nature of a Pretty Tomboy.

Join me in redefining, empowering and celebrating the multifaceted qualities of pretty tomboys everywhere! It’s not a look! It’s an attitude. Join the movement!

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